Winfield Unified School District #465

Irving class tracks steps to benefit malnourished children

In November, fourth grade Irving Elementary teacher, Brittany Hartman, applied for the Unicef Kid's Power grant.  The Unicef Kid’s Power program allows for Hartman’s classroom students to each receive an activity tracker, and a class tablet that will sync the class’ activity each day. On Monday, February 13 Hartman and her class were informed of the exciting news that they had been chosen to receive the grant.

Hartman’s class has been participating in the program since receiving the grant in February and will continue through the end of the school year. While the students are having fun getting active, they will also be earning points that unlock food packages for severely malnourished children around the world. There are ‘missions’ the students can go on within the classroom to learn about other countries. As they pass each ‘mission’ the students are given a sticker to place in their passport booklet of each country they learn about. 

“As of yesterday, March 14, a month into the program, the class had a total of 6,449,158 steps!” exclaimed Hartman. “The over 6 million steps has earned the students 2,905 powerpoints which has provided 290 food packets for malnourished children.”

There are 6,143 classes/schools participating in the Unicef Kid’s Power program.  Currently, Hartman’s class is ranked 77th. The ranking is given by the average steps per day.  Hartman reported, “Our class averages 12,124. The top school averages 16,265 steps per day.

“I have never seen a more excited group of kids.  We so thankful we were one of the chosen classes/schools.” continued Hartman.

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