Winfield Unified School District #465


Technology is a critical part of the USD 465 Strategic Plan. Our goal is to increase access to technology and ensure the effective use of technology to enrich, monitor, and increase 21st Century learning skills and achievement.
We have an upcoming "Day Without Technology" scheduled for May 25th, 2017. 
Frequently asked questions regarding the USD465 Day Without Technology:
1.  What is the Day Without Technology?
On May 25th, there will be no access to any network services, including internet access, throughout the entire district.
2.  Why is this happening?
The district will be completing major upgrades to the USD465 network at all sites on this day.
3.  Are you sure that all work will be completed on the 25th?
No.  It is our plan to have network access restored after the work on the 25th, but there is a high probability that there will  be extensive outages on the 26th as well.  The district is officially closed on the 26th, so this should not really affect too many operations.
4.  Will phones be affected by the outage?
No.  The district phone system runs on a different network, so no outage is anticipated.
5.  How is this being funded?
The USD465 network upgrades have been planned for over a year.  80% of the funding for this project has been provided through the eRate discounting program.  This national program provides technology discounts to schools and libraries.  USD465 applied for funding support in May of 2016, and this year was awarded over $88,000 to complete the district wide project.  The remaining 20% of the funding for the project comes from the USD465 budget.
6.  Have additional questions?
Please contact Kent Tamsen, Director of Technology and Operations at 620-221-5100.