Winfield Unified School District #465

Meal Prices

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USD 465 Policy/Procedures

Breakfast/Lunch Charges


Parents will receive an automated alert phone message once a breakfast/lunch account balance falls below .01 cent. Automated alert phone messages will continue each day until payment is made.  The building secretary will monitor account balances that fall below a negative $15.00 (or $2.00 for student who qualifies as reduced pay) on a daily basis.  The building principal, secretary, or social worker will contact parents to notify parents when meal charges have exceeded - $15.00 (-$2.00/Reduced).  Students with more than 5 charges will receive a minimal meal for 5 days (lunch only) until charges are paid in full. A minimal meal consists of the following: sandwich, fruit, and milk. Once the student has exceeded 5 days of receiving a minimal meal, students will no longer be allowed to eat breakfast or lunch until the balance of the account is paid OR the students may pay for breakfast/lunch with cash on a daily basis. A parent will be contacted when a student is no longer allowed to eat due to excessive meal charges.

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