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Vikings' Emergency Standard Response Protocol

USD 465 has acknowledged parent concerns regarding the importance of safer schools. Throughout this school year, steps have been made to ensure the continued safety of both students and staff. Those steps include:

 Staff Training:

  • Foundation/Standard Response Protocols
  • School Resource Officer training with teachers & staff
  • A complete evacuation drill with staff
  • Active intruder/shooter training and scenario practice with staff

 Ongoing Student Training:

  • Tornado drill - minimum twice a year
  • Fire drill- minimum monthly
  • Active Intruder Drill - twice a year
  • Routine classroom discussions and protocol updates

Included on this web-page is the USD 465 Standard Response Protocol. Please pay close attention to it as it contains the district-wide protocols used in emergency situations.  All families will receive a mailed letter along with the Standard Response Protocol. Take some time to review the protocols with your family. Review the icons with titles, as well as the bullet points listed that correspond with each of the icons. Students and staff have been introduced to the Standard Response Protocol and it has been posted in all classrooms.   Reviewing the protocols with your family will help you become familiar with the protocols, and will help reinforce the information with your child(ren).

As an example:  If a tornado warning is activated, the following steps will be in place as indicated under the “Severe Weather - In Shelter” icon:

Students & Staff are moved to shelters

  • Hazard & safety strategies implemented
  • Account for all student/staff
  • No one in/out

It is especially important to note the last bullet point: “No one in/out.”  Safety of ALL individuals is the top priority of the district.  During an active tornado warning, parents will not be allowed in the building to pick up children and no staff members will be allowed to leave. All individuals will be in shelter.   

If you have any questions please direct them to your child’s school or  District Office at 620-221-5100.

The safety of our students and staff continue to be the top priorities of USD 465.

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