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Personalized Learning Community

10 months ago

This year Winfield High School Students will have  a new option for how they earn their credits. Winfield High School and the Community Learning Center have partnered to create a new program, the Personalized Learning Community (PLC) which will give students more flexibility in earning their education.  Parents are invited to an informational meeting on Thursday August 16th at 7 p.m. in the Winfield High School Library.

The PLC is a personalized program which will offer a blended model of instruction including in-person and online learning. Students will participate daily in working on individually assigned coursework, receiving one-on-one instruction from the teacher, and participating in study groups or on assigned group projects with other students. Students will also participate in assemblies every two weeks to celebrate successes, monthly meetings with mentor teachers to set and review academic goals, and quarterly performance reviews.

PLC classes are self paced and competency based. This allows students to accelerate through material they can easily master and spend additional time on material with which they struggle. Students, family and staff will work together to create customized schedules for students.  In addition to taking core academic classes at the PLC, students may also enroll in Winfield High School classes or college dual credit courses.  Students may also incorporate real world, hands-on work experiences as part of the high school curriculum through on-the-job training programs and job shadowing. Expanded hours of operation (7:00 am -5:00 pm) will allow students additional time to complete coursework.

PLC students will remain enrolled in Winfield High School and will be eligible to participate in all regular high school activities and requirements. Students wishing to join the PLC may speak with their Winfield High School counselor to receive information about the program.  Applications for the PLC are available online at -> Winfield High School -> Personalized Learning Community

For more information contact the High School office at 620-221-5160 or email: Danae Pfizenmaier at or Jennifer Muret-Bate at