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New Transportation Procedures

New Transportation Procedures

                 for 2019-2020  School Year                   


Pick up and Drop off of Students

There will be a maximum of two Pick Up and Drop Off locations for a student’s weekly schedule.

All changes to a student’s schedule must be submitted in writing, or via email, to the Transportation Department.

Once reviewed and approved, changes will take 24 hours to implement. 

In case of emergencies, school principals or other administrators will approve changes to pick up and drop off locations.  Parents will need to contact the Principal to have emergency changes approved.

District Authorized Locations

Student Pick Up and Drop Off locations will need to be reviewed and authorized.  The Transportation Department will notify parents/guardians of authorized locations in a timely manner.

These locations will be regularly reviewed for access, safety, and routing.

The student’s place of residence or localized pick up locations will take priority over other locations.

The Transportation Department may establish localized or cluster bus stops in an effort to create safe and efficient routing of buses. 

Bus Routes and Shuttle Routes

Shuttle bus Routes will require registration of students for ridership through the Transportation Department.  These shuttle routes are not required according to the state of Kansas distance guidelines, but are provided for safety and courtesy reasons. 

Bus Routes will be communicated to parents/guardians and principals prior to the beginning of each school year.

Changes in bus route schedules may need to take place during the school year.  Any changes will be communicated through the Transportation Department.

Bus pick up wait times will be established and communicated to parents/guardians.

Bus routes will be established with student safety as the priority.


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