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Transportation Rules and Guides

General Transportation Guidelines

Providing transportation for students is a team effort between bus drivers, students, and parents. It takes all of us working together to get children to school and home safely and on-time. It’s important that he or she understands the school bus safety rules. Please discuss the rules listed below with your child prior to the start of school.

  1. Students shall not wait for the bus in the traveled portion of the roadway.
  2. Students who walk to meet a bus shall walk on the side of the roadway to their left, facing the traffic, except on a divided highway.
  3. Students who must cross the roadway after departing from the bus, shall cross approximately ten (10) feet in front of the bus after the driver signals all is clear.
  4. Students should be on time in meeting the bus. The student should be waiting for the bus and not the bus waiting for the student.
  5. The bus may wait for the students if the students are making a visible attempt to reach the bus.
  6. Buses will wait no longer than one minute.
  7. Parents should send all their students out to meet the bus together.
  8. Students that are habitually late in meeting the bus may be left.
  9. Students who are not going to ride the bus in the morning should call the Bus Barn (221-5145) and inform the transportation supervisor of this, or call the people that are just before their stop and have them let the bus driver know that they will not ride.
  10. Students who do not ride the bus for two (2) consecutive days in the morning, and have not notified the bus driver or transportation supervisor of their intention not to ride, will not be picked up again until they have notified the transportation supervisor that the bus is to stop again and pick them up.
  11. Unauthorized stops, whether to pick up or discharge a student, must be approved by the transportation supervisor or a note given to the bus driver from a parent authorizing the pick up or discharging of the student.
  12. Students riding a bus during stormy weather are advised to listen to local news media for storm warnings and should not attempt to reach school when conditions are unsafe (i.e. heavy snows or flood).
  13. When a child is going home with another student or to a different location, the school and bus driver must receive a note or call from the parents of both children. If notes or calls from both receiving and sending parents are not received, the student(s) will be sent to his/her regular stop.

"Follow These Rules - Don't lose your riding Privilege"

  • Observe same conduct as in the classroom.
  • Be courteous, use no profane language.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus. No gum.
  • Keep the bus cleanCooperate with the driver.
  • No tobaccoDo not be destructive
  • Stay in your seat.Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus and out of the aisles
  • Bus driver is authorized to assign seats. 

Basic Bus Rules 

A student is considered to be in school and must follow school rules from the time a student steps on the first bus in the morning until they step off the last bus at home in the evening.The students shall be under the supervision and responsibility of the bus driver.Students are not to carry on unnecessary conversation with the bus driver while the bus is in motion.Students will not be permitted to sit on the driver's seat.No student will be permitted to stand or move about the bus while the bus is in motion. Every student will be provided a seat.Students should not extend any portion of the body through an open bus window.Rough or boisterous conduct will not be permitted on the bus.Students should keep the bus as clean as possible.Pets, firearms, explosives, dangerous objects, insects or reptiles will not be permitted on the bus.No item that is carried on the bus shall be allowed to block the aisle.The possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or any controlled substances by students, in any form, while on a bus shall not be permitted.Open/Click on "Consequences for Bus Conduct Violations" for the Yellow Card Conduct Guidelines.

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