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Supt. Talks                                                                                     J.K. Campbell, Superintendent

about 1 year ago

August 25, 2017                                                                                                      #KansansCAN #WindfieldWill                                                                
August 5, 2017                                                                                                         #KansansCAN #WindfieldWill                                                                

Greetings, Winfield Community! 

It’s already the first week of August and it’s almost time for the start of another school year!  It’s been a busy summer around the district.  Maintenance and transportation personnel have been working throughout the summer to prepare for the return of staff and students.  Teachers and staff have been hired.  We are excited to welcome 24 new teachers to the district this year!  Returning teachers have been attending workshops and meetings all summer in preparation for a great year ahead! Online student enrollment is now open through the district website, or parents can go to any building to enroll students through August 8th.

As Superintendent of USD 465, I am most excited about new day in Kansas public education as four key factors converge to drive historic changes in the way we educate our children:

  1. The Kansas State Board of Education has adopted a vision that Kansas will lead the world in the success of each student through emphasis on kindergarten readiness, improving graduation and postsecondary achievement rates, individual plans of study and social/emotional success;
  2. The Kansas legislature enacted a new school funding formula with additional funding targeted to lower-achieving students;
  3.  This year launches a new accreditation system – Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) -  that shifts from a focus merely on reading and math tests to a broader view and a new measurement of how students succeed after high school; and
  4.  The State Board will soon select 14 schools across seven school districts to lead a redesign of Kansas schools to help all students succeed.

Educational attainment results in higher incomes, less poverty and more employment. School funding puts money into our communities through jobs, salaries and purchases. After years of neutral or declining funding, Kansas schools and USD 465 can finally begin to restore cut programs and positions and pay teachers a salary that exceeds inflation.

We know what has made Kansas schools successful in the past, and how to build on that success. We have made decades of improvements in all levels and have continued, when funding permits, to expand programs like early childhood, kindergarten, special education and at-risk programs. Kansas students succeed when these efforts, which often require additional staff, respond to local needs.

The members of the USD 465 Board of Education and district employees embrace this new day with optimism and ask for your support as we work to improve our students’ education and support their continued success.  If Kansas can, Winfield will!


              - Dr. J.K. Campbell