Top: Felicia Mettling, Anna Kill, Sarah Owens, Ashley Monroe

Bottom: Lorri Greenlee , Kathy Fell, Tiffany Cropek

Lorri Greenlee RN BSN MHCL

Coordinator of Health Service

WMS, Trinity Lutheran, Holy Name


Welcome to Student Health Services

Our goal is to help children maintain optimal health so they can take advantage of all of the educational opportunities offered to them. Healthy children learn better

Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s school nurse with any health concerns that may affect your child during the school day. We appreciate the opportunity to work with students and parents to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning.

We offer the following services:

  • Vision and hearing screenings at various grade levels. Parents will be contacted if their child does not pass any screening.
  • Maintain individual health records for each student, including immunization records
  • Injury and illness assessment
  • Health promotion activities
  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • Identification of health concerns
  • Medication management

Student Illness Guidelines

Students with the following health condition(s) shall be excluded from school:

  • Oral temperature of 100 degrees F or higher
  • Elevated (or possibly a normal) temperature combined with any of the following: severe cold symptoms, excessive coughing, swollen glands, or skin rash
  • Eyes inflamed with purulent discharge
  • Drainage from ear(s)
  • Skin lesions (such as impetigo, scabies0 until under treatment
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (i.e. two or more loose stools)
  • Communicable disease

Students will be readmitted after being fever free for 24 hours without the use of a fever reducing medication. Students with some conditions may return to school after being treated for 24 hours with an antibiotic. Call the school nurse for specific readmission guidelines.

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

August - TBD