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What is Parents As Teachers?
What is parents as teachers?
Program Components

Personal Visits with a certified parent educator who will share developmental information and address parenting concerns by engaging the family in activities that promote their child's development.

Group connections provide opportunities for families to build social connections with each other while increasing their knowledge of child development. Group connections include experts with specific information valuable to parent interests, and field trips that support parent practices in differing environments and enrich children's learning opportunities.

Screening of children's health , hearing, vison, development and social emotional growth gives parents increased understanding of their child's strengths as well as identifying areas of concern.

Resource Network referrals to other sources that meet the needs and interests of parents and children and provide services outside of the scope of PAFT.

Playgroups give parents an opportunity to guide their child's development of social skills by joining with other parents and children for play time in a developmentally supportive environment. They are held regularly and on a variety of schedules.

Families receive a monthly newsletter with developmental topics and program updates including a calendar of activities.