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Nursing Staff
Lorri Greenlee, RN, BSN, MHCL
Coordinator of Health Services
WMS, Trinity Lutheran, and Holy Name

Felicia Mettling, RN, BSN
Irving & WELC

Anna Kill, BSN, RN
WHS and Country View

Sarah Owens, BSN, RN
Whittier and Lowell

Kathy Fell, RN, BSN
Cowley County Special Services Cooperative

Welcome to Student Health Services

about 1 year ago

Health & Wellness Plan

Healthy children learn better.  Our goal is to help children maintain optimal health so they can take advantage of all of the educational opportunities offered to them. 

We offer the following services:

  • Vision and hearing screenings at various grade levels. Parents will be contacted if their child does not pass any screening.
  • Maintain individual health record for each student, including immunization records. 
  • Injury and illness assessment.
  • Health promotion activities.
  • Chronic disease monitoring.
  • Identification of health concerns.
  • Medication management.
Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school nurse with any health concerns that may affect your child during the school day.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with students and parents to provide a safe, healthy environment for learning.


All students entering Kansas schools must follow Kansas laws for immunizations and inoculations. Proof of immunizations must be presented upon enrollment. Families who have recently moved into district will be allowed thirty days to obtain immunization records.  If your child is in the process of completing his or her required vaccines, documentation must show at least one of each of the required vaccine has been received.

Immunizations requirements change most every school year.  The school will inform you of additional shots needed for fall enrollment.

Click here for a list of  immunization requirements.   Please contact your child's school nurse if you have questions.  For additional information, please contact  your child's health care provider or City-Cowley County Health Department. 

Inhaler use at school

Kansas law allows for students to carry their own inhalers that are prescribed for asthma or other breathing problems.  Students are allowed to self-carry medication if the following criteria are met:

  • The student possesses the skill level necessary to properly use the medication and any device that is necessary to administer the medication as prescribed.
  • The student's parent or guardian has completed and provided the inhaler form (click here for inhaler form).  A health care provider must also sign this form.
  • The inhaler must be properly labeled for that student (name of student, name of medication, dosage, time and route). You can request that your pharmacist label the inhaler in this manner.
  •  Inhalers for younger students may be kept in the nurse's office.  This allows the nurse to educate and assist younger students with proper inhalation techniques.

Student Illness

Students with the following health condition(s) shall be excluded from school:

  • Oral temperature of 100 degrees F or higher
  • Elevated (or possibly a normal) temperature combined with any of the following: severe cold symptoms, excessive coughing, swollen glands, or skin rash
  • Eyes inflamed with purulent discharge
  • Drainage from ear(s)
  • Skin lesions (such as impetigo, scabies) until under treatment
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (i.e. two or more loose stools)
  • Communicable disease

Students will be re-admitted after being fever free for 24 hours without the use a fever reducing medication.  Students with some conditions may return to school after being treated for 24 hours with an antibiotic.  Call the school nurse for specific readmission guidelines.

 Head Lice

Routine school wide head checks are no longer recommended.  Students may be referred to the nurse for head checks if symptoms are evident, such as frequent scratching, visible bugs, etc. The school nurse will check any symptomatic students at the end of the school day, and will contact parents if live lice are present.

Medications for severe allergies

If your child has severe allergies and will need to have an epinephrine auto injector (epi-pen) at school, please contact your child's school nurse. Specific paperwork will need to completed by the parent and the child's physician.

Medication Administration at School

  1. All student medications must be administered under the supervision of the school nurse.  The medication must be brought to school in the original container labeled with the student’s name. When it is necessary to administer medication during school hours, written requests will be submitted to the student’s school signed and dated by both the lawful custodian and licensed physician/dentist containing the following information:
    1. Name and birth date of student to receive medication
    2. Diagnosis/reason for medication
    3. Name of medication to be given
    4. Dosage/amount to be given (A new physician/dentist written order will be required for dosage changes.)
    5. Times to be given
    6. Expected duration of treatment.
    7. Lawful custodian signature must authorize school health services personnel to exchange information with prescribing physician/dentist and personnel from the dispensing pharmacy.
    8. Medication authorization form may be obtained from school nurse or click here to download medication form.

Health Insurance for Children

Health Wave is a program for children in families with limited incomes that provide insurance at little or no cost.  Children must be: under age 19, a resident of Kansas, living in a family whose income meets the Kancare guidelines.  Click here for more information.

Non-prescription medications at school

Over the counter medications for grades 6 through 12 may be administered with a signed parent authorization form.  This authorization form may be obtained from the school nurse or by downloading the form below.  Examples of over the counter medications include inbuprofen, acetaminophen, and menstrual symptom relief. 

For grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade, over the counter medications to be given at school will require written authorization from lawful custodian and licensed physician/dentist signature.  Please contact the school nurse at your child's school for further information.

Entry Physicals for students under age 9

According to KSA 72-5214, any student new to Kansas schools up to age nine years must provide the school with documentation of a health assessment conducted within the last 12 months by public nurse (county health department), a physician or a person acting under the direction of a physician. Documentation of this physical must be provided to the school prior to attending the first day of school.  Download the file below to obtain the health assessment form.